A Postcard to a Friend Who Is Here No More


Last time I heard from you, you told me of going out of town on a little trip. I didn’t receive any other messages but later I got to know that you are here no more. A condition you had, they told me, and decided to go on a much longer trip. You were always a bit sad, and while studying a language together, I liked to cheer you up with the sentences I made up for practice. I tried to come up with really funny ones and then observed with pleasure how your eye sparkled suddenly and a smile appeared on your lips. What a delight it was to see you laugh! There was a grape wine creeping all over the wall of your house and every time I mounted the stairs, I saw a brown paw of its branch sticking into a small window of the staircase. That grape tree signaled to me the entrance into your world. And now when you left, this world of yours has closed its doors shut. There is only a grape wine remains, clinging with its branches at the emptiness; and a cloud of silvery dust, smiling with its starry light and keeping to itself details of your final journey.

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