Brief Notes from Budapest


Dear L., now I’ve seen your favorite Budapest from dawn to sunrise. In many faces I did recognize your features, and I wish you and your knowledge of Hungarian could be there with me. I’ve walked along wide and noisy streets of the city. I’ve seen rain pouring down into yards of those old, rectangular houses, and I’ve seen its residents, scattering out of them on the way to work. I’ve seen the city streets filled with tourists of all nationalities; and I’ve seen those same streets empty, like a tomb, when the sun is barely up. I’ve seen its churches and palaces and its chic cafés. But somehow, the sight of a housewife taking a kid to school at 7.30, or an elderly couple walking a dog along soon-to-be-busy streets have brought me so much closer to the heart of the city and the routine of its beat. It is as if one of those impenetrable windows opened up and gave me a glimpse of life that goes behind their heavy portieres.

Have a safe trip to my favorite Italy,



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