Sweet Home China


(Hangzhou, Zheziang, China, 2009)

Dear L.,

The photo I’ve sent you yesterday reminded me of China. Seven years ago this country seemed to me so far away, like a fable, and though I studied Mandarin at that time I never planned to go there. Six years ago I came there to stay – it seemed a miracle – but after a couple of months I fled and promised myself to never set foot there again. Five years ago I was out of China but, surprisingly, I felt a strange desire to go back. Maybe something is wrong with me and not with China, I thought. Four years ago I decided to give it another try. Three years ago I was back and had some of the happiest moments of my life in China. Yet two years ago I started having a nagging feeling of being in the wrong place and in the wrong time, so one year ago I left China, without regrets. I started missing it, I cried but when, luckily, I came across more amazing places and people, in another part of the world. I started thinking of China as of a distant home. Its mere existence already warms my heart and I think about it as of a refuge every time I have this or that trouble. Sounds strange, I know. Usually there are refugees streaming out of China but that’s how it is for me. And having this kind of place, where I could go whenever I want to, gives me strength to stay where I am right now, to look around, to discover more and be happy here and now.

Hugs from Europe,


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