Ten and More Ways to Fight Boredom


It’s not the first time that I am lured into some godforsaken place in search of peace and quiet and free accommodation. Time passes and everything seems stale. At the end, I find myself desperate in the face of oncoming boredom.

If you happened to be in a similar situation, know: you can fight your boredom and prevail!

As I work from distance, my first reaction is to get more work-load. Don’t follow in my steps. Don’t get in a hurry to freeze yourself in front of a computer screen. It would simply make your life even more miserable. What Jack needs is less work and more play.

In fact, a spell of boredom could be your golden opportunity to spend more time with your friends, beloved or just people. And hey, I’m sure there are many new sides and talents you haven’t known you ever had!

  1. So, you’ve spent some time in your idyllic corner and now everything seems achingly familiar….Try and visit those places in an unusual time of day or weather conditions or even during a public holiday. Everyone might tell you that everything is closed and everyone is out from the streets but don’t believe them; they are probably among those people who stay in and don’t know a thing about all activities that happen outside. And even if they are right, well, you will see the desolation with your own eyes!

  2. Try out board games. If you don’t have a company, find fellow gamers. I’m sure that there are places where they hide during those long winter evenings. Let the game be a glue between you and your companions. It’s all about socializing and getting to know each other better, after all.

  3. Go out. It is tempting to stay indoors and wallow in your gloom, but do dress up and go for a stroll, a coffee, a drink, a meet-up gathering. New environment will freshen up your existence, even if you just read a book in a coffee shop.

  4. If you are lazy to go out or timid to strike up a conversation with a stranger, try and host couch-surfers. Then you will have no choice but to talk and walk your guests on a tour around your town. However your local letter-box might stay emptiyish – not everyone is fascinated with godforsaken places as you are.  

  5. Try yourself in cooking. I’m serious. I always thought of myself as a lousy cook, but boredom gave me a necessary push into the realm of cooking. Now I can boast of baking chocolate cookies one could die for. I would.

  6. Start learning a new skill. Languages, for example, always helped me when I was desperate. I’ve found some best friends among my classmates. If you are not into languages, try out any arts and crafts or any exotic activities you can imagine, from pottery to role-playing games.

  7. Do physical exercises, especially if you feel too lazy to do any. Start with something easy and simple. Core exercises, miraculously, will drag you out of apathy in no time.

  8. Read newspapers to be in touch with the world outside.

  9. Discover local history and culture, it will give you some perspective on what’s going on in the place you stay and people, who live here.

  10. If your little idyll has a nature component, spend more time outside, get to know local flora and fauna, and if you happen to know a knowing person, try foraging, it will do your cooking experiments only good.

  11. Get yourself a bicycle and travel around. Adds to a good physical shape.


And at last, don’t run from your boredom. Experience it, feel it, don’t deny yourself the pleasure to be a boring or a bored person. It’s still you, after all.

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