Book Review: Modern Calligraphy by M.S.Thorpe

I have amassed a collection of calligraphy and lettering books, that I would like to share with you along with my comments.

I want to start with the book that could give a less intimidating and more inspiring instruction to a beginner in calligraphy, who doesn’t want to invest time and energy into learning a classic hand.

Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe is the one.


Modern Calligraphy by M.S.Thorpe


This book concentrates on Modern calligraphy, which you can use in everyday life – card and letter writing, bullet journaling, inspirational quotes, as well as professionally – in wedding calligraphy.


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As you can see from the contents, the author gives a good introduction to nibs, pens and paper that could be used in modern calligraphy. You will find information on how to hold a pen, how to choose and install nibs and select holders, what ink to use, how to mix your own pigments, and what kind of paper would suit a particular project.


Photo by Olga Kovalenko


The author provides a decent section on letters and their variations. The material is easy on drills and heavy on practice, which some beginners will find encouraging. As an aside, I preferred to learn a classic hand before starting on the modern one, but I am aware of many calligraphers who work exclusively with modern calligraphy and produce beautiful pieces. I personally liked the author’s selection of letter variations, and I consult it from time to time if I want to create a new letterform.  


Photo by Olga Kovalenko


The main focus of the book is on various project ideas, that is where one could use calligraphy, like envelope signing, watercolor wash place cards, gift and greeting cards, etc.. More experienced calligraphers can also find good tips for using their craft professionally.


Photo by Olga Kovalenko


I would recommend this book for beginners in modern calligraphy and calligraphy in general, if one doesn’t have an aspiration to learn a classic hand.

If you are interested in buying this book, you may use the link to Amazon down below that will add credit to my Amazon Associates profile.


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