A Paragraph on Gloom, Bergman, and Uppsala


(Uppsala, Sweden, a photo by Huseyin Aysan)

Dear S., recently I’ve made one more cinema pilgrimage. This time, it is about Bergman, of course. You would call him moldy, I know. That’s what most Swedes think about him, anyway; if they ever think of him. Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience to see his birth place, in Uppsala. I always thought that it was his family house filmed in Fanny and Alexander, but it was not, even though it looks as large as the house in the movie. The city seemed to me rather colorful and cozy, and I think it would require a dose of gloom and imagination to populate it with all that Gothic misery and mystery of his movies. The town is full of cars and bicycles; and there is a bunch of lazy ducks under the bridge. I wonder how it looked like a century ago. Maybe it is all loneliness that paints everything black and white.

With hugs,



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